Get a wider perspective for minimising business risks

What if you could get a tool with unified streams of business, judicial, and media information to be highly confident about each decision?
Сompany & Person Check
Get rid of risky connections - analyse unified data from multiple British registers and worldwide sanction lists and get comprehensive info about companies and their links.
Contract Management
Automate your contract work and avoid errors with document review and analysis, covering numbering errors, risky words, counterparty verification, and timeline tracking.
Litigation Analytics
Mitigate risks and increase your productivity with advanced search and analysis, analytics, and cross-checking of companies.
Legal Research
Stay up to date with the legislation and create successful arguments with our smart legal analysis and monitoring tools.
Media Monitoring
Avoid reputational risks and keep track of mentions of any executives or brands in key media sources, analyse publications to be sure of each partner.

No one can find a russian trace better than experienced Ukrainian tech team


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We’ll connect all the dots. Be sure of any company check.

Check for a russian trace & toxic connections
International sanctions screening
Owners & assets, full ownership structure
Company status & general info
Media mentions
Mentions in court decisions
Life is too short. Contracts are too long.

Contract Lifecycle Management

Creation of contracts and templates
Contract risks analysis
Instant risk screening of counterparties
Contract review and approval
Obligations management
Smart storage