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Product News Dec 22, 2023

LIGA UNITED is selected as a RegTech100 Company for 2024  

As we step into the new year, LIGA UNITED proudly announces its inclusion in the RegTech100 listing for 2024. This annual ranking curated by RegTech Analyst highlights the most innovative and distinguished contributors to the RegTech sector.   

This time, the selection process for the RegTech100 was the most competitive yet, with a diverse pool of nearly 1,400 companies considered. A panel of analysts and industry experts assessed companies, focusing on their contributions to information security, compliance, risk management, and fraud prevention.   

The experts selected key tech solutions that financial institutions should keep an eye on while shaping their compliance, risk management, and digital transformation strategies.  

Anna Moroz, Director of LLC LIGA UNITED, emphasises that being ranked in the top 100 list speaks volumes about the commitment of the development team to excellence and innovation in the RegTech sector. 

“Embracing the forefront of change, we support the financial market with cutting-edge tools for data analysis and compliance risk assessment. Our solution combines worldwide registries with various public data sources, enabling users to easily identify sanctioned companies or ones with a Russian footprint - all in a convenient graphic format. Such unique features helped LIGA UNITED to land a spot in the RegTech100 ranking.” 

Anna adds that the RegTech100 lays the foundation for discovering LIGA UNITED by a growing number of customers and partners. It signifies that our solution has earned acknowledgement from influential compliance, risk, and innovation experts.  

A full list of the RegTech100 companies and their details are available at www.RegTech100.com 



LIGA UNITED is a one-stop solution for due diligence, KYC/KYB checks, compliance screenings, contract management and legal research. In today's interconnected world, where company risks are tied to information flows, our product is designed to address those challenges.   

We've brought together a wealth of information into a single platform, including company registers, worldwide sanction lists, legislative documents, court judgements, and media mentions.   

With real-time analysis of this comprehensive data, businesses can be 100 per cent sure in every decision.  

To find out more or book a demo, please visit our website https://ligaunited.uk/. 


Join our testing group 

The LigaUnited team would like to thank everyone who supports the development of transparency and security. We invite you to join us in testing the new version of the ligaunited.uk service. If you work in compliance and are willing to contribute to the creation of best practice, please click here. 

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